Our Story: Ketogenic Diet for Dogs with Cancer

The KetoPet Sanctuary was started in 2014 to rescue shelter dogs with terminal cancer and give them a forever home. Once at KetoPet, each dog was placed on a raw ketogenic diet (high fat, adequate protein, very low carbohydrates). We then did something that was never done before: we used PET (positron emission tomography) to image disease and validate our nutrition-first approach. While not a cure, we found a raw ketogenic diet to be effective in improving outcomes for dogs with cancer. Even more, these case studies support our belief that all dogs should eat a raw ketogenic diet optimal health.

The KetoPet Protocol

Ketogenic Diet

Feed a high fat, adequate protein, and very low carbohydrate diet

Blood Monitoring

Monitor blood glucose and ketones to ensure nutritional ketosis

Metabolic Conditioning

Personalized exercise program to support dog health

Why a Ketogenic Diet?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state where the body uses fat as its primary fuel source. In our studies and others, the ketogenic diet has shown to lower blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity. This can trigger anti-inflammatory processes that enhance cellular function and improve overall dog health. The remarkable case studies we saw at the KetoPet Sanctuary indicate that the ketogenic diet can improve outcomes for dog cancer and support overall dog health.

62.7 ng/ml

Ketogenic Diet

Average Blood Glucose: 62.7 ng/ml

92.9 ng/ml

Ketogenic Diet

Average Blood Glucose: 92.9 ng/ml

Many of the dogs who arrived at KetoPet Sanctuary were given just weeks to live. Remarkably, 55% of dogs who graduated from the KetoPet program are still going for long walks, enjoying belly rubs, playing catch, and experiencing a quality of life far beyond their original prognosis. Some of these sanctuary dogs are even living cancer-free today! After witnessing first-hand the power of nutrition, we are now focused on empowering pet parents everywhere to feed a raw ketogenic diet for dogs with or without cancer.

Case Studies

The Ketogenic Diet in Dogs with Hemangiosarcoma and Mast Cell Cancer

Cali the Hungarian Vizsla eats a raw ketogenic diet for cancer

Cali is the first graduate of the KetoPet program. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in 2014 and given 6 weeks to live. The fact that she is alive and cancer-free today is nothing short of miraculous.

Blazer is a sweet and rambunctious Staffordshire mix. KetoPet rescued him after he was diagnosed with a Grade II Mast Cell Tumor. Blazer remains in good health with no evidence of cancer.

Sasha started having grand mal seizures about a year after she suffered a brain injury at six months old from a dog bite. Sasha replaced her medication with a raw ketogenic diet and now lives seizure-free.

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KetoPet is a program of Epigenix Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Guidestar Platinum Rated organization. The core of our work is to educate pet parents and veterinarians on the importance of feeding a raw ketogenic diet for dogs.

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